William Hambleton Bishop, MA, LPC, LMFT

Welcome, I offer Individual, Couples and Family Therapy, Clinical Supervision, and course instruction in Denver Colorado.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist,  Licensed Professional Counselor and an AAMFT approved supervisor.

I create a place where realness is celebrated, where relationships grow deep and honest, where laughter and tears are supported, and where meaning is narrated into a congruent life story.
My greatest strength rests in my my ability to offer a kind and accepting space filled with meaningful and motivating experiences that will drive you towards living a more fulfilling life.
The therapy I offer is filled with authentic expressiveness… It is playful and directive… accepting and challenging… honest and supportive.
There is a sweet spot in life when we arrive at a place of congruence with who we really are and how we are expressing that self through our choices.
Relationships grow secure and meaningful when the members are strong enough to be authentically vulnerable and accepting.
Fear, habit, social expectations, history, avoidance, and comfort can be walls impeding our journey toward a most purposeful existence. Together we will grow the strength and awareness needed to overcome the impediments of your potential.


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